Keynote Speaker


Reinhard Altenhöner

Reinhard acts as a deputy general director of the State Library Berlin / Prussian Heritage. The focus of its activities comprises digital services and the process reorganization with special regard to (meta)data management, digital archiving and strategic process management. Until 2015 he was responsible for the department "Information Infrastructure and Preservation" in the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (DNB), the national library of Germany. Based on his experiences in former positions in Bonn, Münster and Mainz he has expertise in IT-infrastructure, digital library services, preservation topics, data governance, project and strategy development and organizational restructuring. Of special interest to him are standardisation, data / data-interoperability, semantic technologies. He is member in different boards and scientific steering committees, he periodically publishes on different topics.

Keynote presentation

The next exercise for libraries: data enrichment and analysis as a key technology for new tasks and offerings

Scientific infrastructures in the digital space can be understood classically as a common framework for action by data producers, processors and consumers. In practice, however, this static model is changing considerably, the traditional ownership view is being replaced by a collaboration model in which roles are distributed much more flexibly, and other requirements exist for the partners. No one now does everything alone. For the libraries, this situation is both an opportunity and a challenge, and in my presentation I want to show what the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin is doing together with other partners, what our priorities are and what this means for the library and its organisation and people. An outlook will then deal with the future distribution of tasks in the digital space, especially in the field of text sciences.