DATeCH 2014

Topics of interest are all topics related to the practical and scientific goals mentioned above, such as:

  • OCR technology and tools for minority and historical languages.

  • Methods and tools for post-correction of OCR results.

  • Automated quality control for mass OCR data.

  • Innovative access methods for historical texts and corpora.

  • Natural language processing of ancient languages (Latin, Greek).

  • Visualization techniques and interfaces for search and research in digital humanities.

  • Publication and retrieval on e-books and mobile devices.

  • Crowdsourcing techniques for collecting and annotating data in digital humanities.

  • Enrichment of and metadata production for historical texts and corpora.

  • Data created with mobile devices

  • Data presentation and exploration on mobile devices

  • Ontological and linked data based contextualization of digitized and born digital scholarly data resources.