DATeCH2017 - WS1

The Journey from Physical to Digital and Advancements in CH Digitisation

Tutor(s): Rossitza Atanassova (The British Library), Nele Gabriels (University of Leuven)

Date: May 30th, 2017, 10 :00AM – 4:00 PM

Location: Seminar room 1, Göttingen Centre for Digital Humanities, Papendiek 16 (Heynehaus), 37073 Göttingen


This two-part workshop will introduce the basics of the digitisation lifecycle with emphasis on workflows and best practice, and facilitate a discussion about optimisation of the end-to-end digitisation process to increase scalability and improve the quality and usability of the digitised assets.

The morning session will cover the main steps of the digitisation process, from preparation to access and re-use. It is aimed at those with little or no experience of the digitisation process and who are planning to set up their own digitisation service or are interested in commissioning digitisation from others. The session will help users of digitised content and researchers gain an insight into the way culture heritage institutions plan and deliver digitisation.

The afternoon session will consider options for modifications in the digitisation process to introduce efficiency and increase capacity, and improve usability and sharing of digital assets. It is aimed at culture heritage institutions, researchers, service providers and others who deliver or support digitisation and work to optimise end-to-end digitisation operations.

Planned schedule

Morning session: Introduction to digitisation: workflows, tools, standards and challenges

Digitisation experts will present an overview of the end-to-end digitisation process to include the preparation of physical collections, image capture and quality assurance, post-capture processing and digital publishing. The presenters will reflect on their experience of delivering digitisation and recommend best practice.


Afternoon session: Advances in the end-to-end digitisation of culture heritage collections

Participants will have the opportunity to contribute to experts-led break-out sessions which will discuss workflow management, optimisation of different stages of the digitisation process, semantic enrichment, and shared and open access to data.